Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rice Patties

I can't believe nobody has posted the recipe for Rice Patties yet. It's practically a staple in every Wilkinson, Carlson, Zenger, Shafer and Nelson household.

The Army Man made me rice patties first. IT WAS TERRIBLE. It was one egg, one pound of rice and three pieces of shredded cheese. Seriously. It was dry, it was tasteless and it was hard as a rock.

Lucky for me the My Marvelous Mother In Law saved the day and made Rice Patties for breakfast. It was a revelation. It was soft, it was egg, cheese and rice goodness. It was heaven with a little ketchup! Let it be known Mindy C. likes rice patties with salsa. I say ketchup or salsa is both equally tasty.

*Please note that this is how I make Rice Patties. This may or may not be how the rest of the Family makes it*

5 cups of cooked jasmine rice
3 cups shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
6-7 eggs

Whip eggs in a bowl. Combine eggs with rice in a large bowl. Then gently fold in the shredded sharp cheese. Mixture should be soupy.

Cook on hot griddle on medium heat. Cook patties for three minutes on each side.

Serve immediately with ketchup or salsa.


  1. Actually this should probably be named Louise Nelson's Rice Patty recipe. My mom and your kiddo's great grandma was a thrifty woman and a terrific cook. She created some interesting recipes with meager items. Rice patties was a way to use up extra rice. We only ever had them for breakfast while she was living but in our home we eat them for any meal and even sometimes as a snack. Healthy and low calorie they are not, what they are is yummy and delicious! Whenever I eat them it takes me back to my childhood and that's what is amazing about food, it can totally take you to another time and place.

    As we sing in the Carlson/Nelson clan "Rice Patties are a part of living!"

  2. Let it be known that Samantha mixes her rice patties with her hands. It is the only way to get the clumps of leftover rice to mix in. And Travis (a fellow Californian to Mindy) also eats his with Salsa. I also salt the patties while they're cooking. Mmmm . . .

  3. I'm pretty sure my dad eats rice patties with mustard and hot sauce, but we love him anyway.

  4. Just have to say, I've still never had these. It's on my "to eat" list. Who's going to make them for me. And if I don't like them, do I get kicked out? =-)